About Sir Lancelot

The human body is a truly remarkable machine that needs lots of care and maintenance.

Originally from Florida, where I worked in a convalescent center for 2 years, I moved to California to help take care of my Uncle Earl during the last years of his life as he suffered from cancer.  After he passed away in 2007, I worked at a few different places before finding NHI.  Wanting to find a way to come back to my roots of directly helping people, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for massage school.   

I was surprised and thrilled that NHI went so far in depth about the human body and the massage industry. At a young age, I started massaging my mother’s feet because she would be on her feet all day as a registered nurse. Learning about each and every bone and muscle that I would be working on and exactly what each one does gave me a better understanding and a new respect for how the body is built and how it functions.          

Now, it’s your turn to come and learn about your own body and the many different ways to keep it healthy.  You will feel rejuvenated after a visit to massagealot.com.